14 Iridology Handouts Package


These handouts will impress your clients! They will leave your office with IIPA approved information that pertains exactly to their color constitution, Subtype by Structure and Subtype by Color. Each handout includes: an example of each eye, Characteristic, Tendencies and Suggestions for Improved Health.

Package includes:
-3 Color Constitutions
-4 Subtype by Structure
-7 Subtype by Color

You will receive 14 individual, 8.5x11 handouts, in PDF format. They are sent to you via email; once purchased you will have unlimited printing rights. You can email them to remote clients or use them as handouts in the office or visits. Your client can go home with up to 3 or more professionally printed handouts.

BONUS: Order now and get 3 FREE handout pages with you order. This includes 2 pages for Bowel Conditions and a full page for Pupil Flattening, absolutely FREE, $40 value.

You can also have your Business/Contact Info added to the bottom of every PDF. This can Include: Your name, business name, address, or website, phone, slogan (up to two lines--no logos). **You can add your info in the Notes Section of this purchase page or look for an email requesting the business information you would like to add. A soft proof will be sent for you to review. Handouts with contact info added are usually completed with 24 hours time frame.

Thank you for these wonderful handouts to help clients understand. They are so worth the money spent! --RW

It has become so much easier for me to retain information because now it’s just organized. They’re great, I love them! --K

Kare, they are wonderful, i got them quite a while ago. I used them for the exam, they were great cheat sheets for the IIPA exam. --RV